Do you want one more Happy Planner? Make it!


How many planners can one have?

Well if you have the answer tell me cause I just find excuses to expand my planner colleciton in the pretext of keeping myself extremely organized! Hehe!

So… the urgent need to get one more planner rose up. What for? For my crafty life of course! I really need something to keep me organized with my blog, my social media posts, online challenges I want to take part and my crop-with-friends awesome gatherings. So I need it right? oH YES!

And which planner do I choose for this? A Happy Planner of course!!! I am in love with the fact that you can totally personalize it with their disc system and their awesome punch, you can add pages, change their place, add pockets, ephemera, whatever, it is so versatile and made my choice easy. I already have a Happy planner for work and makes me happy just to look at all the happy colors that I forget my boring/hard tasks :-)

I have ALREADY ordered a brand new Happy Planner, I chose the Botanical Garden theme and can’t wait to have it in my hands, hopefully by the end of this week (it is stuck in Finland for a couple of days now for some reason). This planner starts dating from 1st of July… but what do I do till then??? I can’t wait, I want my planner to start this April, I have only a week to figure it out! I have to plan my web/crafty life!

Well wait, I have an idea !!!!

So…. from my last years Happy Planner (2015-2016) I have a few months that will be extra starting July… why don’t I use these pages till my new planner goes into action? I can alter them, I can play with them, no one will know!

TA DAAAA !! Here is my new planner waiting to be joined with my Botanical Garden planner in July.. and this is how I did it!

what to do with extra planner pages elina koutsouradi-6

I was lucky enough to notice that July 1st 2016 is on a Friday… and guess what.. April 1st 2016 is a Friday as well! What an awesome coincidence! Just made my April set up sooo much easier, I just need some tricks here and there.

The divider is such an easy transformation! I just cut a tab with my awesome punch, glued it over and added alphas to mark my month, April.

what to do with extra planner pages elina koutsouradi-1 what to do with extra planner pages elina koutsouradi-2

The monthly spread is an easy thing as well. You just add some washi tape to cover the word July and stick some alphas on top of it to mark your correct month! When I’ll make my May set up I will just add number stickers in the correct date boxes to cover the old ones, it will be even more personalized!

what to do with extra planner pages elina koutsouradi-8

Did you notice the trick I did? There is no Independence day in April, is it? So.. just cover the irrelevant with your month holidays with a happy sticker, Mambi has tons of them!

what to do with extra planner pages elina koutsouradi-3

And now for the weekly pages.On the first week of my April (ex-July) I had to have the dates cause they were wrong by on day (previous month ended on the 30th not 31st as March does) and it would totally confuse me. So.. washi tape it is to cover the outdated numbers :-) And another smart trick? I covered all the monthly calendars on the top of the weekly spreads with stickers! Actually the Me & My Big Ideas were the perfect size to cover it all. And voila!

what to do with extra planner pages elina koutsouradi-4

And what about the last day of the month! April doesn’t have 31 days.. so show some love and make it happen!

what to do with extra planner pages elina koutsouradi-5

So after this post I have come to the conclusion that my Happy planner actually saved me some money cause I won’t have to buy any extra planner  for my new planner needs (ok besides the Botanical one which I am crazy about and it is essential cause it has a whole new year ahead added), and with that I can get more and more essential planner stickers. Hubby are you reading this?

I am really pumped and can’t wait to use my new planner out of the extra Happy Planner pages, I can’t wait to set up the other months till July, and something tells me that my Happy Punch will play a significant role in creating those!

Happy planning!

How to make planner clips with your scrapbooking die cuts

I am obsessed with creating my own planner clips! They are soooo easy and fun to use and you can change them up anytime and create themes for your planners and sooooo much more!! Can you feel my excitement?

It’s an easy peasy tutorial and you can see it right here:

All you need is die cuts or ephemera, a glue gun and paper clips (the golden ones rock!)

Just dab a blob of glue with your glue gun at the center of the  back of your die cut and attach fast your paper clip. It dries pretty fast (meanwhile don’t touch the hot glue it really hurts!) and after it is cool enough you can go ahead and cover the glue spot with a sticker or a small piece of paper if you do not like the glue showing (I don’t so I skip this part).

If you are making a collection of paper clips note just one thing: glue the clips all facing the same side, you do not want on clip to be open at the left and the other at the right (that’s with people with an organizational ocd like mine, everything has to be matchy-matchy)


how to create planner clips with die cuts

So…. Here are my cool planners with my coolest ever clips made just by die cuts and ephemera I have tons of from scrapbooking!

My oh so favorite Happy Planner that I use for work and it brightens my schedule :-)

how to make planner clips out of ephemera planner tutorial-6

And here is my Erin Condren Life planner that I use for everyday planning (duh) I love it too though I am obsessed with Happy planners’ punch system that you can change the order of things.

how to make planner clips out of ephemera planner tutorial-2

Here is my OH SO COOL Daisy Dori, I keep a monthly traveller’s notebook and I kind of work it as a Project life type of journal. I have the most fun with it cause it involves lots of scrapbooking elements.

how to make planner clips out of ephemera planner tutorial-5how to make planner clips out of ephemera planner tutorial-4

Keep planning and tiny fun tutorials are coming your way pretty soon!!!



Last years Spring Crop lol

It has been a year since I last played at the Paper Issues Spring Crop, uploaded everything on their corresponding facebook group and my Instagram account @elinakou but nothing on my blog.

I do not know what’s up with blogs anymore, it seems that every year I try to get back to blogging and after a couple of posts I quit. Seems like the other social medias have taken over and they are so much faster to work with, you just click and upload from your phone, you even edit, add captions making pretty much the effort to write a post way too much to bother. But I might be traditional at heart and still think that blogging is powerful and will remain so, therefore I will once again in my life make an effort to be consistent (which has been my One Little Word for the last 4 years (lol) this year i changed it into Happy and so far it has helped me grow on my consistency as well!)

In a quick note I am posting here all at once my entries for their challenges in 2015 just to be done with the oldies and start some new good crafty memories and love sharing.

happy feet elina koutsouradi-1

elina_koutsouradi_scrapbooking-215 elina_koutsouradi_scrapbooking-216 hello IMG_7379-2 IMG_7382-2 IMG_7384-2 IMG_7387-2 IMG_7389-2 IMG_7391-2 my heart yogurt

How to create planner charms out of old jewelry tutorial

I am so in to the planner mania that I have finally decided to update my blog with all the cool stuff I have been up to with my planners. Yes, updating my blog was in my goal planner!

I intend to make a series of cute and fun tutorials for planner addicts, tutorials on how to organize your planning, how to create embellishments, how to decorate your planners and all these essential tips for this new mania that has taken me over :-)

Starting off with a fun how to create charms for your planners. I use them for my Erin Condren life planner, my Happy planner, my A5 filofax and my traveller’s notebooks going into my midori. So just have fun and recycle any old jewelry you might have, chunky necklaces or earrings would do the job!

planner tutorial

Instructions are easy:

1. get an old necklace or earrings, or even a chunky necklace from the dollar store (that’s what I did)

2. with the help of pliers open the jump rings that hold the charms/beads

3. add a clasp in a jump ring and then loop as many charms/beads you want to to make a dangling effect.

4. for a happy planner charm use some ball chain to run the charms through.

how-to-planner tutorial

 And this was made out of an earring set for my faudori notebook from Cocoa daisy

planner tutorial charmsI am all excited about it and already have a blog plan in my goals planner (hehe) with loads of tips and tricks to come!

Let’s plan girls!

Scraplifting Sasha Farina

Fan of Sasha Farina I came across an amazing layout she had done with triangle pieces and wanted sooo much to scraplift it!

So here is my take scrapping my favorite daily breakfast now that I am on the Dukan diet.


Elina goes Shabby

After a recent class I had that involved a vintage layout, I found out I am drawn towards new waters lately in terms of creativity, meaning from clean and simple I am intrigued lately to try something with more techniques, more layers and more products!

So this is me playing with Scrap Around the world with their gorgeous pinky mood board.

I gesso-ed the background paper and stencilled with some modelling paste a brick pattern. Then made my composition with lots of layers and at the end brush painted with glimmer mist and finalized with blots of black and golden ink.

baby me

baby me detail  2

So here you can see the awesome inspiration board  I stasrted with. Inspired by the birthday quote I though it was about time to scrap my picture from my actual birth date!! Pink is always a beloved color to use and the martini sprinkles could be portrayed with my ink blots!


Had fun and definately plan to play again :-)


Bold papers

Playing for Studio Calico’s #SCsketch this week that required bold papers I had to make something with this awesome super bright paper I fell in love at first sight. Love how my golden tattoo goes along with the stripes :-)


I scream for ice cream

Playing for the Stuck blog May challenge, this is me probably at the age of 4-5 eating ice cream out of the box ;-) . Had a lot of fan playing with this sketch and using my stash at the same time.

ice cream

Gold and Teal

After a way too long absence from my blog I am back scrapping again. Started off playing at Scrapsnpieces Blog challenge with a fantastic mood board based on teal and gold colors, an amazing combo.

Photo taken in the Caribbean with an extremely clean and simple design, just my kind of thing! In love with the Heidi Swapp quotes of gold :-)


Scrapbook Tournament Round 3



I cannot believe I passed through round 3 of the Scrap Tournament !!

This is my layout for my purrfect cat Tzella!! Playing Clean and Simple as always!! And a bit of doodling necessary for the contest :-) elina-2

Supreme Scrap Tournament Round 2 entry

This is my take on the second round of the Scrap Tournament! Again a double page layout was needed, monochromatic and with at least a black & white photo. I started completely differently then scrapped everything off and finished this layout in about 10 mins!! I was too frustrated to take longer due to the really challenging thing for me not to use black anywhere!!

Playing on group 3 :-) I used all kinds of textures, feathers, flowers, transparencies, vellum, flocking, dry embossing, anything that could be white!IMG_6491And here are some close ups:

IMG_6489  IMG_6490

Thanx for looking :-)

Scrapbookers in Greece challenge


Playing for the Scrapbookers in Greece February challenge! I created the background by misting white dylusions spray paint through my new Heidi Swapp heart mask! And that is my baby, TzellaIMG_6473

Pink Pink and a kiss

Playing for The scrap around the world blog inspired by pink and love and sweets I sent you a big kiss :-)

elina koutsouradi-4I played with rub ons, washi tape and my stamps

here is their moodboard that inspired my layout

Christin february moodboard


Addicted to shoes… totally

Have been trying to scraplift my friend’s Aliki’s scrapping style and thought of playing at the Once upon  a sketch blog with my take on totally addicted to… shoes of course!!!


scraps n pieces first challenge

My entry for the new Greek challenge blog (good luck girls) Scraps n Pieces we had to create something with the word New and I played with a paper  I had ordered from Kesi Art (love it) and a few embellishments (moustaches from Myrto hihi)

First challenge after a loooooong time! And new look it is!


First Challenge for the Scrap tournament

Around November we bumped across the Scrap Tournament with my friends and decided to play along with the Greek team!!

This is my take for the first challenge, a double layout showing where I live!

So I printed in 2 12×12 papers the small churches next to my house in Mykonos to create the background of my spread, then added my photos of things around my house like the sheep that walk around in the morning, my favorite poppie flowers and of course the blue sky of my island and the little churches that are literaly everywhere in my island!


And some close ups of my journaling!!! All of it 1000 steps from home!

IMG_6439  IMG_6441

Scraplifting Janna Werner

elinaki-11As a true aficionado of Janna Werner and her style when I met with my friend Aliki for a casual crop, we decided to scraplift one of her layouts. It is always amazing how one sketch, one inspiration can lead to so different yet similar designs!

Hop at Aliki’s blog to see our inspiration and Aliki’s amazing layout :-)



Playing with Creative Scrappers sketch

elina koutsouradi-7Playing with this months Creative Scrappers sketch and my studio Calico September kit. And yes that qualifies as a lot of layering by my side!


Scrapping “Jody” style for Cocoa Daisy

elina koutsouradi-13Loved getting back at the scrapping train by taking up a challenge at Cocoa Daisy to scrap like Jody from the Design team! Loved using more than one photos (haven’t done that a looooong time) but still keeping it as simple as possible. This is to document our vacations with John at Kefalonia island!



Fool for Fashion

IMG_6377Haven’t scrapped for over 5 months so getting back to it is a relief!!! One step at a time starting with my favorite super simple projects :-)


Born to crop, not to mop GDT

IMG_6351The Greek Facebook Challenge blog, Born to crop not to mop, gave me the chance to guest in their monthly challenge!

I made this layout from scratch! I started with a plain white cardstock and created the back ground with my stamps from Cocoa Daisy and Maya road polaroid set. Then I used all sorts of scraps and just had fun with it! I love how it turned out!


Kiss kiss love love a 5 min layout

I was playing at Zeffy’s house with my scrappy friends and had to make one last layout my last 5 mins of crop time (elina’s OCD I call it) and this is what I pulled from my hat, just using the scraps left around in my table.

Pom pom me

just haveing funa nd just fooling around :-) , that is pom pom me

A girl loves a Moustache

Just having fun and playing with my moustache mug! Love fooling around, do you? And yes once more Cocoa Daisy does the trick for me, all things used are from their kits.

Yesterday’s photos, today’s scrapping

I bumped into some of John’s old passport and id photos and had to scrap them! I mad this layout by creating the background with one of my awesome Cocoa Daisy stamps and loved it

Flowery challenge over at Get Creative

So I thought I’d play with the May Get Creative challenge… and the request was a flowery page! Honestly I am not very fond of flowers in layouts lately and the very best I could do is scrap a photo with flowers!

My John

Yeap it is made with my Cocoa Daisy kits stash ;-) and I absolutely love this picture of John…

Dictionary challenge @Craftbarn with the letter A

I finally made it and took part in the awesome challenge that goes around all year and is about a letter every other week from the dictionary. This week’s letter was A and I chose the word arbre which means tree in my super cute French dictionary. There are many Greek girls taking part in this challenge so girls good luck!!!! See everything at Craftbarn.

Handmade folders non-stop

Ok, so I got in class with my AWESOME friend Ronda Palazzari, working on her class Art of Penpals. And she has a video tutorial on how to make those awesome folders where you can keep your stationary and whatever you can imagine!! What can I say? I am hooked! I have done 4 in one afternoon and can’t wait to work on more!! Folder love!!



Scrap & Music challenge

here there everywhere elina koutsouradi
My friend Aliki suggested I played in this new challenge blog called Scrap & Music! This is my take on their sketch. I used Heidi Swapp’s mistables patterned paper to create the chevron with the help of some colorwash. And forgot to mention that this is my photo taken in Hawaii with loooove.

love… and a handmade stamp

This layout is made with LOVE!! I used the handmade stamp that my awesome friend Zeffy made me out of an eraser!!

Inspired by Celine Navarro

I scraplifted some of Celine Navarro’s layouts that I had my eye on many months ago! Using OF COURSE the Cocoa Daisy kits I loooove and just went with it.

Made with love

Love our picture from our honeymoon in Hawaii! I just had to scrap it clean and simple style :-)

Happy Feet

happy feet
This photo was taken last year in our Easter holidays in Poros island. Of course once more I used my awesome Cocoa Daisy kits!

The past and the present

Get Creative challenge blog had an awesome idea of recreating your first ever layout. I dug through my purposely hidden first “artworks” and found my daring first layout. Double pager, double matting, showcase of my wavy scissors and corner punches and most of all… the patterned paper was a must to be left untouched, showing all the shells and the lighthouse!! Lol! I was so proud of it and now I can’t stop laughing when looking at it :-)
So this is what it was

And this is what I did with it using the same pics but today’s styling…

I just love the way I have evolved and I am thankful that my hobby brought me close to so many people in my life from all over the world :)

Hawaiian looove

Scrapping with my Hawaiian photos and my awesome Cocoa Daisy kits!!
the first layout is an ode to the hawaiian hibiscus, the awesome flower that rules all the leis! It is taken in Honolulu and you can definately see my excitement wearing it in my hair :-)
hawaian hibiscus
the last day of our Hawaiian honeymoon we had the vhance to ride a helicopter around the Big Island and fly close to the active crater of the volcano and the beautiful island with its waterfalls and diverse soil. I feel blessed and oh so lucky to have experienced it!
helicopter hawaii

Crazy & fun

A layout I made from scraps with crazy fun moustache! The picture as taken in our honeymoon in Hawaii, John is lucky to have a cool wife like me :-) !

razy fun

Blue love shoes

I am a fool for shoes and navy blue.
One day, one shopping spree and two blue shoes ended in my wardrobe.
A wedge from Bershka for 35,99 and super elegant sandals from Zara for 22,95.
Who said cheap cant be chic?

Good morning Spring!!

Ian loving that spring is here and I can wear my bright happy colors again!!
Check out my necklace it’s from 3xarites new collection!


my wedding scrapbooking layouts

Welcome to my new blog! I have finally started blogging again and just to kickstart check out my first wedding scrapbook layouts! I was very happy to finally scrap those! and yes, all with my Cocoa Daisy goodness found everywhere in my scraproom.

wedding scrapbooking layout elina koutsouradi

wedding scrapbooking layout elina koutsouradi

wedding scrapbooking layout love elina koutsoradi

wedding scrapbooking layout love elina koutsoradi



Me, Jane Dean and an Art Journal

I am soooo excited and honored to have with me Jane Dean. Yes, you know her she writes regularly on Scrapbook Inspirations and Papercraft inspirations and makes fantastic journals!! She came with her lovely family to the hotel I work in Mykonos for a week and she was kind enough to bring me scrap goodies and teach me a few classes!!! I feel so honored and priviledged!! Her husband Steve tagged along perfectly with my boyfriend John so I had free time to scrap and learn new things!!

So, here is a photo with her I took today on our visit to the light house…

Jane dean 

And here is a photo of me with her lovely daughter Georgina whi is sooo sweet and is now my new facebook friend and scrap-sister!!!!


And the best part was that she gave me an art journal class which was fantastic and I am sooo excited I want to me hundreds of those!!! I was always intimidated by them but know I feel confident I can do so much more!! Here are two pages we made, the fuchsia is the teacher's and the green is my attempt with her helpful contribution!!!



I am very happy to have met her in person, she is such a great person, happy, generous and so helpful!!!

I am off to journal now!!!

Spring crop at Cocoa Daisy kit club!

I had an awesome weekend a week ago playing with the annual Spring Crop of Cocoa Daisy Kit club! I managed to play in 6 challenges and had a blast!! I made all my layouts with my April kit and this is what I have done!!!!



Yes, I know… I am missing an “e”, too lazy to add it after having already taken the pic!! lolIMG_3536

This layout is of sentimental value (sniff sniff) since it is the first photo I took with open eyes under water after my eye lazer surgery!! I was extremely happy I could do that after 17 years of contact lenses!IMG_3528




Playing with my Cocoa Daisy March kit

It has been a long time since I blogged and I have done a few layouts with my Cocoa Daisy Kits I would love to share with you!! All of them are with my March kit and I did them at Aleka's place in our one day trip in Aigina with all the super greek scrapbooking girlfriend!! The photos in the layouts are from our last cruize with John in the Carribean…. I loooooooove looking at them. I had the best memories ever!







It has been over a year since my laser eye surgery

and I am soooo grateful I had it done! I think it is one of the best thing I have ever done for myself. This summer was the first summer I ever opened my eyes in the sea without any fear of losing a contact lense or not being able to see!

I wanted to scrap the last photo I took of my glasses and contact lenses the day before the laser surgery. It is a part of a 17 year old routine that now belongs to the past and I can't describe how happy I am now!

I scrapped it using my fav Cocoa Daisy kit!! I loved playing with the tiny flags in a different way than wrapping them in the wooden sticks of the package and I wanted to give a more graphic look to it by keeping it simple!


An homage to John…

Working with my FANTASTIC Cocoa Daisy kits I made 6 layouts in Katerina's crop!! You can have a look on 2 of those dedicated to hubby…

I have misted the Crafter's workshop stencil with white studio calico spray paint. Then I played with the colors of the photos in my computer before printing them to have a funny effect!


And here is another layout with a picture of John filming (his favorite thign to do in a vacation) somewhere in the Carribean. The stamps yesterday and today are from the exclusive Cocoa Daisy stamp collection!!!


Mixed media embroidery hoop

Another video of mine made from Gauche Alchemy vintage mixed media kits, showing how to transform an embroidery hoop into a wall art project! Give a new life to your embroidery hoops and play with gesso, alcohol inks and vintage goodies!!

Easter is on the doorstep…

It is almost Easter time and as every year I am organizing a bazaar with Easter goodies and lots of jewellery for my friends and family.

I am all set, here are the Easter candles which are a Greek tradition to hold the night of Easter. All handmade with lots of ribbons and color, stencilled canvases, plexiglass glass cut in cute shapes with the help of sfragidomania.


I found the perfect way to showcase them!!! Can you tell what it is??


And some buckets full of candy, candles and Easter goodness!!! I so love those candle mushrooms, they really bright up the room!


Happy Easter everyone!!!

Photographing Arte Con Aroma

My best friend Natasa is the owner of a successful wedding/baptism planning company in Greece called Arte con Aroma.

I had the chance to photograph some of her creations for a style shoot for a wedding magazine. Here is I did for her…

This is the actual wedding favor she used for her own wedding and now sells in her store, and yes, this is rise falling on it…


And here is a "concept"photo for her bridal selection, this is actually Natasa on the back wearing her wedding dress !!


Here is one of my favorite wedding party favors… It's so elegant and chic!


And since the concept of her company is the aroma of the products she uses, here is a shoot where she blows away lavender seeds, her signature perfume!


And my absolutely favorite table setting, loaded with vintage things and personal touches!! I am in love with their style!!


You definately have to check out their website for your future wedding or baptism, their personalized style and awesome prices will make the best for your precious moment!!

You want to make a funky party hat out of recycling materials?

Here is a video I made when designing for Gauche Alchemy, a super fun vintage kit store! You will see how you can turn a paper roll into a funky party hat!!

Take out your glue gun, fabric scraps and a few embellishments and let then fun begin!!

Laminating everything!! And some handbag making

When I first used a laminator in a friends house I have to admit I couldn't wait to buy my own, and I did!

I started laminating everything in the office and started off with simple projects such as cool bookmarks which was the easiest thing ever, and ended up making elaborate handbags with vintage music paper, transparencies, stamping and embossig!! Now I love holding it when I go out and have people trying to figure out how I made it!



So, what do you think??

3D effect paper napking technique with Gauche Alchemy

I had the fantastic pleasure to be part of an awesome Design Team of the best vintage kit store I have ever seen Gauche Alchemy, it is something you definately have to check out!! 

During my term as their videographer I filmed a few interesting mixed media spots using their awesome products and cool techniques!!

Here is a video showing how to create a 3D effect with a glue gun when using the paper napking technique! I didn't take a pic of my end product but look at my looong fake lashes!! I love them! I look too serious before filming!! lol


 Here is the video for you to enjoy!!


More layouts with my Cocoa Daisy kit

I sooooo love my Cocoa Daisy kits, since they are full of goodies and unique stamps!! Here are two layouts I made with my January kit!!

Me and John kissing over a crazy dressed donkey in St, Thomas!!

IMG_2980 (2)

And what a scrapper would I be without a layout of my cat? Here is Gardoubas taking a nap…


Wall art with lots of gel medium and my Silhouette

Before leaving for the summer season I was asked by my friend Effie to create some wall art to match her new living room! I immediately took out my canvases and gel medium, I knew what I had to do! So.. some vintage book paper + gel medium = a fantastic base to work on. All I had to do is insert my scrap papers into my Silhouette and cut various designs that would fit her living room!! I glued them down with gel medium and after drying I outlined them with a black marker to make them pop! I think they turned out pretty elegant!


And here is a close up pic taken under poor lighting!

I loved how easy it was and how visually pleasing!

Yes, I am scrapping again!!

I have finally got my mojo back after a loooooong period of procrastinating. I opened the pilling up Cocoa Daisy boxes and all the goodies in there brought nothing but inspiration!! I love opening up mail (don't we all??) and it was very exciting for me to see new products, ideas started popping in my head! I have no idea which of the Cocoa kits this is but I loved it!!!

Here is a layout of me and John goofing around in the Nelson museum in the Carribean. We love doing all sorts of crazy stuff when travelling and wanted to document our love of travel and silliness!


And yes, Paris makes me smile! It is one of my favorite places to be! This layout was done with my December/January  Cocoa Daisy kit. I think I am all about ink/paint splats now… lol


Nathalie Kalbach in Athens!!

Yeap, one more post from the past!! Last March I invited Nathalie Kalbach to teach in Athens one of her awesome mixed media classes!! We had a blast!! The classes where great and so was the time we had together!! She is awesome and fun to be around not to mention professional and super talented!


Here are my other loved friends that visited me and helped me out with the event! Helena Virpi and Lydia, and to the far right is my mum!!


Here we are at the classroom where Nat lectures and I translate with my own unique style…


And I think this might have been the best picture of the event…. The Evil Command center


I am laughing so hard cause I just realized that after the crazy seminar day I completely forgot to take pictures of the artwork we made!!! lol lol lol lol!!!!!!!!!

A year ago Valentine’s day!

It has been a year and finally I made this blog post!! Last year’s Valentine’s day was spent making make and takes for the only Greek magazine “Etsi Apla”. I was very happy to be chosen to help them out in their event that they organized in the biggest Mall in Athens! Here is me having a happy face!


My materials where all ready! We used mostly Cherrynest products since it coincided with the Cherrynest web launch. We made love fortune cookies, hearty place mats and name tags.


Here you can have a glimpse of the hot pink and red table setting!

Oops! I forgot to mention that there was chocolate involved wrapped up in hearts with love notes!!


Can you see the awesome cupid stamp?? Sponsorship of the talented Sfragidomania team!!


And the person that made everything happen, Aristea!!! Thank you!!!



My wedding decorations part 1

It took me 5 secs to decide what I want to have as decorations for my wedding and almost a month to make them!! And that was because I was procrastinating for three weeks and decided to make everything a week before my wedding (how typical of me!)

Thank God I had my friend Natasa along to help me out with my crazy ideas. Below you can see the decorations outside the church, where I walked with my dad towards John. These "eggs" as I called them are made out of vintage book paper and powertex. They where really sturdy and after their looong drying time I gave them to my local florist to add the green flowers in their centers for some color.DSC_1896

And yes!!! This is me in the church altar!! Long red hair, eyelashes and long french tip nails, all gone two days after the wedding (lol). I am showing you this pic so you can have a glimpse in my awesome wedding bouquet made of book paper and lots of love!!! John made most of the flowers and I assembled it almost 5 days before the wedding. And if you look closely the tine flower on John's costume is out of book paper too!!DSC_1960

I am really really proud of my bouquet, I loved doing it and loved holding it and it will last forever!! Plus it gave me a boost to start doing it professionaly since everyone was super excited about it especially my wedding planner, so bring those orders in!!! Here is a close up, it has vintage book paper, tissue paper, felt, glitter and pearls!

My bouqiet

And since I left with John in our Harley bike, some decoration was needed there too! I wrapped up vintage book paper into cans and glued doily papers and tags with our names, all ready to bangle as we left the church!DSC_1980

I am also extremely happy with my cake too!! That was with my touch too!! I designed the pattern in my computer!!! Vintage music paper, our Harley Davidson bike and then with my awesome "Bamboo" me and John wrote our names with our own handwritting!!! Then Vassiliki from Sweet Enough printed it in edible paper and wrapped up our chocolate flavored cake!!DSC_2011

I would like to thank my friend Helena from Italy that took those awesome pictures through the eye of a scrapbooker!! And thanx Helena again for being part of my happy day!!

My wedding invites

I absolutely enjoyed making my own wedding invitations for the people I love! I hadn't been creative for a long time and I just wanted to give my all to this project!

My whole wedding was vintage themed with a twist (marrying a Harley Davidson boy and living the church on a bike!!)

So… my love of books, typewritting and color came into surface.

I dag out all my beloved books from my childhood and repurposed them for the happiest day of my life!

I made some linen covers in 4 shades and did some gold printing with my name and John's so they would look like actual books with a title one would read.

When in Hamburg this fall, I found an awesome metal stamp for wax with our initials (E & J) and just had to buy it. It came more than happy when sealing the books! It was an awesome touch!


A lot of stamping was involved in the inner part of the book, John took things in his hands and did all the stamping!! 6 pages x 2 sides x background x embellishment x 60 copies!!! That was A LOT of stamping!


Left book page


Inner pocket with the actual invitation wrapped in ribbon and sealed with wax


4 different sets of colors to match the book covers! pink, turquise, violet and green


Embossed initials


First page… the date


Next is the time…


The place…


The families…


Can you see the glimmer misted toule?? All in matching colors!!. Vintage stamp with our names, a vintage harley bike (to put our guests to the mood) and the 5 die cut represents the 5 year anniversary we had the date of our wedding, all with the help of an awesome Greek company sfragidomania which produces any stamp design and die cut you want!


Wedding image stamped on fabric, then sawn on the machine with a book paper, with matching color thread of course!


Its back, stamped with sepia to match…


Exicted when I finished 60 pieces I photographed them in our book shelves!! I just love the colors!!!


The wrapping HAD to be handmade too!! Wrapped them in craft paper, added an extra large doily paper, string to a bow and deep red wax seal with a fleur de lis…


Waxing in action (John did that too!!)


Close up of the stamp with the family it has to be sent to.


I am very proud of my work and had a huge smile when giving those out!! More wedding crafts coming up soon!!!

Sassy lil sketches ebook

Well it is a bit of a late post by me (what a surprise!), I am thankful that I had been chosen to be part of an awesome sketch ebook produced by Sassylilsketches team.

This is the layout I had done using my Cocoa Daisy kit to inspire other people to work on their sketches and think out of the box, the sketch I am representing is one with 3 photos that I changed up to one big one!!


Freehands Scrap kit club guest DT

I am so blessed to have been chosen as a guest Designer for the awesome Freehands Scrap kit club!

I had been sent this fantastic full of color kit to create with, and what can I say? I think my mojo returned! yay!


Here is a layout I made for myself… the Cosmo cricket letter stickers fit perfectly as journaling for me!


I loved the fact that I could turn the colors of the patterned paper into a Christmas layout!


Isn't the Rhonna Farrer bird stamp the cutest ever? Ok, John is cute too… lol


And here you can see my best friend Natasa acting like a model for my handmade headband!! This flower was included in the kit, I could not resist not wearing it!


And two cards with inspirational sentiments!



Efi’s pregnancy photos

One of my super best friends Efi, who is almost ready now to give birth to her second child, came to Mykonos this summer for her vacations.

It was a great opportunity for me to photograph her with all the cool ideas I had seen from other blogs!!

So here are the photos…IMG_9429-2IMG_9475-3





I soooo love Helena's funny smile!!





I am soooo happy with the result, and so was she!!

I hope mummies out there will get inspired to play with their camera!

Party rosettes!

I was playing with my cherrynest products and created some happy party rosettes .I first cut a circle , then pleated a different paper and glued it together and finished with a small tag.

A tiny creative step to bust my mojo since i just returned to Athens and set up my super crafty room , iwill post photos really soon!!!


Επιστροφή στα θρανία!! Ένα online μάθημα μαζί μου!

Οι διακοπές τελειώσαν και κάθε κατεργάρης στον πάγκο του. Ευκαιρία για όλες τις μαμάδες να μπουν σε πρόγραμμα και σε όλα τα παιδάκια να βρουν ξανά τους φίλους τους!

Τι θα λέγατε λοιπόν για μία σειρά μαθημάτων χειροτεχνίας που θα σχετιζόταν με αυτήν την επιστροφή στα θρανία?

Παρακολουθείστε μία σειρά online (διαδικτυακών) μαθημάτων και εμπνευστείτε από τις ιδέες για να προετοιμάσετε την καινούρια σχολική χρονιά.

Από 5 Σεπτεμβρίου μέχρι 9 Οκτωβρίου θα λαμβάνετε κάθε Δευτέρα και Πέμπτη ένα καινούριο μάθημα στο email σας με αναλυτικές οδηγίες και φωτογραφίες για την κάθε κατασκευή, σε σύνολο 10 μαθήματα, δηλαδή 10 κατασκευές. Κάθε Κυριακή θα σας περιμένει και μία διαφορετική έκπληξη  στο email σας και στο φορουμ!

Θα δείτε ιδέες για να διακοσμήσετε το παιδικό δωμάτιο σε ύφος σχολικό, έξυπνες κατασκευές για τα σχολικά σας είδη, μέχρι και πως να φτιάξετε ένα αλμπουμάκι για να καταγράψετε την σχολική χρονιά.

10 μαθήματα γεμάτα ιδέες για να δημιουργήσετε και μαζί με το παιδί σας.

5 Κυριακές γεμάτες προκλήσεις, εκπλήξεις, δωράκια για τους συμμετέχοντες και έξτρα έμπνευση!

Λοιπόν τι λέτε? Είστε έτοιμοι για την νέα σχολική χρονιά?

Κόστος συμμετοχής 25 ευρώ και περιλαμβάνει:
- αποστολή οδηγιών για 10 κατασκευές χειροτεχνίας
- πρόσβαση σε ιδιωτικό φόρουμ και γκάλερυ
- αποκλειστικά προϊόντα του cherrynest για το μάθημα
- πολλή τρέλα

Γραφτείτε τώρα είτε αγοράζοντας απευθείας το μάθημα μέσω του Cherry Nest, ή στέλνοντας email στο

Δεν είναι δυνατή η επιστροφή χρημάτων σε περίπτωση ακύρωσης για το συγκεκριμένο σεμινάριο μετά την ημερομηνία εκκίνησής του.

Card Challenge at Get Creative

This is the last challenge for Get Creative challenge blog as a guest designer. I had to work on a card sketch and of course I used Cherrynest products as Cherrynest is the sponsor for the July Challenges.

Card sketch 
Products I used: πολύχρωμες καρδούλες, λουλούδια παλ ετικέτες

I am Designing for Gauche Alchemy !!

I am super excited and proud to announce that I am officially a Gauche Alchemist!! 

From September 1st I will be part of this AWESOME team and be a video master showing techniques and cool projects using their amazing kits!!

In their store you can find the most amazing kits with mixed media goodies, vintage items and lots of crazy fun stuff!!

You really have to check their website out and see the funkiest, most creative ever DT!! 


Check out the rest of the cool team

 Yvonne Yam

Carmen Wing

Maggi Flynn

Ngaire Bartlam 

Michelle Hernandez    

Fauve van Maanen    

Chrissy Colón

Cheryl Whittaker

Sketch challenge at Get Creative

I had fun playing with Chryssa's sketch for the Get Creative Challenge blog as a Guest DT for this month and sponsor with Cherrynest products.

Here is the layout I created with a photo from the black swan ship we did a pirate tour with in Tortola with John!

Make sure you play with the sketch for the chance to win one gift card from Cherrynest!

Layout sketch 
Products I used:

An IKEA mirror with Cocoa Daisy May kit

My May kit from Cocoa Daisy had the best ever stamp I have used!! It is an exclusive cocoa daisy design called vintage ink and it is actally a blot of ink!! I got very excited and wanted to create an artwork for my office combining the "office supplies" embellishments along with the vanity of looking myself in the mirror while working! lol


Playing with my May Cocoa Daisy kit

I absolutely loved my Cocoa Daisy May kit and the inspiration just kept coming! This is a layout I did with a very happy photo of me and John. We are soooo ready nd exhited about our cruise and here we are in the suttle taking us to the port! yay!! Happy Happy faces!!


An artist in Paris

Honestly, I am not sure when I will finally scrap all the Paris pictures I have pilling up my desk, but one at a time does not do the job!

So here is a photo of me in 2010 when I went with my cousin Chris and got my sketch done by an artist in Montmartre.. I used my last pieces of crate paper chipboard stickers, which I have to admit loved during the winter!


Color card challenge at Get Creative

As guest designer in Get creative challenge blog and sponsor with cherrynest, I played with all the challenges of the month and here is the card color challenge!

We had to use green, orange and yellow, a perfect color combo for my cherrynest products! This is the card I created…

Card color 
Products I used: πορτοκαλί πουά, μίνι μπίνγκο κάρτες vintage,

Christmas in July

Yes, one of the projects I did not upload in time!! Last year's Christmas album that I did in Debby Schuh's class on my ultimate scrap cruise!

Loved the project, it was super easy, fun to create and with a gorgeous result! Hopefully I will fill it up with photos this year!IMG_2809 
Aren't those snowmen the cutest ever??


And loved how Debby had all sorts of tips and tricks to manipulate the transparencies!


Can't wait for this year's Christmas!!!!! Dreaming already…

Guest DT for Get Creative!

I am very proud and honored to have been picked by Irini to guest design for July for the Greek super challenge blog Get Creative.

Of course Cherrynest is the sponsor of the month giving away 2 store coupons valued 15euro each!!

The first challenge of the month is to scrap a photo from last summer using blue, sand and white.

I have used all products from cherrynest but the background paper. I loved playing with my mists and create a sky and loved making my own flags out of scrap papers and toothpicks!

Layout color

Products I used: τυρκουαζ πουα χαρτί, ταξίδι μπίνγκο vintageκαρτελάκια vintage chic που τα τύπωσα ασπρόμαυρα για να ταιριάζουν, αλφάβητος κύκλοι και το μαύρο καρό.

A mini album with my Scrap Rat kit

I made a mini album to celebrate my beach love using my super April Scraprat kit! I used only one sheet of paper and all my tiny bits and scraps left!! Loved playing with it!



I think it might have been one of the easiest and effortless minies I have ever made! Those products just glue themselves down!! 

Scraprat kit club

A new kit club has been launched by my scrap friend Amanda. It is called Scrap Rat kits and is based in the UK. I like their style cause they combine new products with vintage findings!

Here is a layout I made with April's kit. I absolutely loved it! The photo of myself was taken by a Greek photographer for a publication about our hotel in Mykonos.IMG_9130 

Playing with glimmer mist and glimmer screens

I love my facebook profile pic, though it was taken almost a year ago! I love my orange hair and my puppy eyes in this shot. And so I thought I'd play a bit with my glimmer mists and my crest glimmer screen. Sprayed two shades of color and then placed the negative screen to stamp a letter stamp in the white space. It is an awesome trick to create interesting patterns!

So here is my layout… heaven in details..


Cocoa Daisy April kit

With my move to Mykonos every year I tend to get my kit packages late and open them alltogether! It is like Christmas opening the boxes and then feeling the mojo flowing down your veins! I wanna scrap! I wanna scrap!!

So here is one of the first layouts I did playing with April's kit from Cocoa daisy!!!

It is me and John in one of the world's most famous amber museums, and this one the back is a huge amber waterfall!!IMG_9147 

For a baby…

One of my best friends Angela, lives in Abu Dhabi and unfortunately I don't get to see her a lot. Though since her major moments happen in Greece I had the chance to see her the day of the birth of her first son Gabriel. (and got tons of pics as you can imagine!)

A year later, while I was making this layout for her I had  a call that she is pregnant to her second child and I was thrilled for the great news.

So I made a layout for Gabriel, the first day in this world and I can't wait to do the same for the new baby coming this November.


A card with the help of cherrynest

So, I sat down to play a bit with my funky cherrynest  products and some scrap left overs, and here is a quick card I made.IMG_9159 
I love printables cause you can make them work in so many different ways! The flower is done with vintage greek book paper.

Projects from Pacs…

Yeap.. it is more than 3 months that I went to PACS Paris but I think it is time to show a bit of what I did there!!!

2 layouts, one with Mou Saha as a teacher (she is super cute) and the second one with a cute girl from France Stephanie



 And I also had the pleasure to meet Safo, a very talented French designer that I had 2 classes with and made this super fast and cute mini album!!

IMG_2816 IMG_2817IMG_2818 IMG_2819 

Party time exchange

It has been ages since I took part in the Party exchange that the super talented Design Team of Gingersnaps had organised. Here are the tags I had created with vintage papers and lots of rock candy from Ranger!


Just a tag

I was just playing with leftovers from my kits and came up with this cute tag for spring. Played with mists, embossing and inking and loved it!IMG_6709


Playing with the Cocoa Daisy annual Spring crop

Every year I am loving Cocoa Daisy's Spring crop, but this year I had limited time to play on challenges and played only for a while.

This is the layout I have created for their 3rd challenge and had to be a layout on a black background with a night theme on!

I finally scrapped one of my Puerto Rico pics!! And I am very happy on how it came out since it has been a long time since I did a layout!


Crate Paper March Challenge

I am finally back at layout world. I had lost my mojo for sooo long and now I am proud I finally found the courage to jump back again to crazy crafting!

I participated in March's challenge of Crate paper! I love their products and I though it was easy peasy to create something fun with a color challenge!

This is the layout I have created using all crate paper products (except 2 tags that I glimmer misted and some ribbon and buttons!)

Yeap, I am back again scrapping my cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And here is a close up of my embelishments… Even the grass is from Crate and the clouds in pop dotsIMG_9036 
And here of course i GLIMMER MISTED cause I LOVE IT!!! You can see the left tag is with the seaside glimmer screens and Raven glimmer mist. The butterflies are hole punched with Martha Stewart and then stamped on top!IMG_9037 
So… just wish me good luck!

Ευχηθείτε καλή τύχη με μία γρήγορη καρτούλα

Μια ακόμα ιδέα με προϊόντα του Cherry Nest
Φτιάξτε μία εύκολη καρτούλα για να ευχηθείτε καλή τύχη σε κάποιο αγαπημένο πρόσωπό σας!

Τι θα χρειαστείτε
- Ένα χαρτόνι πράσινο
- Τα μπάνερ vintage
- Αλφάβητος κύκλοι
- Μίνι μπίνγκο κάρτες vintage

Και πάμε!

- Κόβουμε το πράσινο χαρτόνι διαστάσεις 21,5χ15,5 και το διπλώνουμε στην μέση για να φτιάξουμε την βάση της κάρτας
- Τυπώνουμε τα μπάνερ vintage σε απλό λευκό χαρτί και κόβουμε 4 μπεζ τριγωνάκια και τα κολλάμε πάνω αριστερά στην κάρτα μας το ένα δίπλα στο άλλο


- Τυπώνουμε σε λευκό χαρτί την αλφάβητο κύκλοι και κόβουμε τα 4 γράμματα για να γράψουμε την λέξη "καλη"
- Κολλάμε πίσω από κάθε γράμμα ένα pop dot (τα μαξιλαράκια 3D κόλλας που δίνουν διάσταση) και κολλάμε ένα πάνω σε κάθε τριγωνάκι!


- Τυπώνουμε τις μίνι μπίνγκο κάρτες vintage σε χαρτόνι και κόβουμε την κάρτα με την λέξη "τύχη"
- Κολλάμε την κάρτα τύχη κάτω δεξιά στην κάρτα μας!

Και η καρτούλα σας είναι έτοιμη!
Μπορείτε να δοκιμάσετε να φτιάξετε διαφορετικές κάρτες με διαφορετικές μινι κάρτες μπίνγκο vintage γράφοντας ότι λέξη θέλετε!

Μια γρήγορη καρτούλα για να πεις απλά σ’αγαπω!

Μία ιδέα με τα προϊόντα του Cherry Nest
Φτιάξτε γρήγορα μία κάρτα με 3 μόνο κινήσεις για να πείτε σε κάποιον σ’αγαπω!

Τι θα χρειαστούμε
- Το χαρτί φούξια πουά
- Το χαρτί κίτρινο πουά
- Τις καρδούλες αγάπης
- Ένα χαρτόνι λευκό

- Κόβουμε το λευκό χαρτόνι σε διαστάσεις 21.5 χ 15.5 εκ και το διπλώνουμε στην μέση
- Τυπώνουμε σε απλό λευκό χαρτί και κόβουμε το φούξια πουά σε διαστάσεις 9 χ 14 εκ και το κολλάμε στο κέντρο και προς τα επάνω στην κάρτα μας

- Τυπώνουμε το χαρτί κίτρινο πουά σε απλό λευκό χαρτί και κόβουμε μία λωρίδα 1 χ 15,5 εκ
- Κολλάμε την κίτρινη λωρίδα κάτω από το φούξια πουά προσέχοντας να ευθυγραμμίζονται οι κύκλοι για να φαίνεται το σχέδιο συνεχόμενο


- Τυπώνουμε τις καρδούλες αγάπης σε απλό λευκό χαρτί και κόβουμε μία από αυτές που γράφουν ‘σ’αγαπω’
- Κολλάμε πίσω από την καρδούλα δύο pop dots (αυτά τα 3d μαξιλαράκια κόλλας που δίνουν διάσταση) και την κολλάμε στην ένωση των δύο χρωμάτων κάτω δεξιά


- Η καρτούλα μας είναι έτοιμη!


- Δείτε και σε βιντεάκι πως έφτιαξα την καρτούλα αυτή!

Δοκιμάστε να φτιάξετε με την ίδια λογική διάφορες καρτούλες με διαφορετικά χρώματα είτε με τις ετικέτες αγάπης ή ακόμα κα με τις ετικέτες μαργαρίτες για ένα πιο προσωπικό και χαρούμενο μήνυμα!

ΓΟΥΦ μπινγκο και ένα καδράκι ικεα

Άλλη μία γρήγορη ιδέα με τα προϊόντα του Cherry Nest
Φτιάξτε γρήγορα ένα πανέμορφο καδράκι με την αγαπημένη σας φωτογραφία και απλά έναν τίτλο!
Εδώ έχω φτιάξει ένα καδράκιγια την μητέρα μου και το αγαπημένο της σκυλάκι!

Τι θα χρειαστείτε
- Μια μπίνγκο κάρτα ΓΟΥΦ
- Μια φωτογραφία σας (10χ15εκ)
- Ενα χαρτόνι καφέ
- Ένα καδράκι ικεα ribba


- Κόβουμε το χαρτόνι μας στις διαστάσεις του κάδρου, εδώ ήταν 23χ23εκ
- Τυπώνουμε το μπίνγκο ΓΟΥΦ σε απλό χαρτί και κρατάμε την καφέ κάρτα
- Από το καφέ μπίνγκο κόβουμε μόνο τον τίτλο 'γουφ' και κρατάμε το υπόλοιπο για κάποια μελλοντική μας κατασκευή

- Κολλάμε τον τίτλο ΓΟΥΦ στο χαρτόνι
- Κολλάμε από κάτω την αγαπημένημ μας φωτογραφία
- Συναρμολογούμε το καδράκι μας και είναι έτοιμο!


Δείτε και σε βίντεο πως να το έφτιαξα!!

Μπορείτε με αυτόν τον εύκολο τρόπο να φτιάξετε μία σειρά από καδράκια για τον τοίχο σας με διαφορετικές κάρτες μπίνγκο, όπως για παράδειγμα μπορείτε με την κάρτα 'αγαπη' να βάλετε μία φωτογραφία με τον αγαπημένο σας ή με την κάρτα 'ταξίδι' φωτογραφίες από το αγαπημένο σας ταξίδι!
Βάλτε φαντασία και δημιουργείστε!

Καδράκι ικεα με πολύ αγάπη

Το Cherry Nest επιτέλους άνοιξε και είναι έτοιμο να σας προμηθεύσει με γλυκούλικα χαρτάκια και ιδέες για κατασκευές!!

Ανυπομονώ να μπείτε, να το χαζέψετε και να μου πείτε την γνώμη σας!!!


Πάμε λοιπόν για μία κατασκευούλα


Φτιάξτε και εσείς ένα εύκολο καδράκι αγάπης για το σπίτι σας!!

Τι θα χρειαστείτε?

- Τις καρδούλες αγάπης

- και ένα καδράκι από το ΙΚΕΑ με όνομα ribba


Πάμε λοιπόν


- Τυπώστε τις καρδούλες σε λευκό χαρτί Α4 ή αν θέλετε σε χαρτόνι



- Κόψτε ένα λευκό χαρτόνι σε διαστάζεις 23χ23εκ (όσο είναι το πλαίσιο του κάδρου που έχετε)


- Κολλήστε πίσω από εννιά καρδούλες από ένα pop dot (τα μαξιλαράκια 3D κόλλας που δίνουν διάσταση)




-Κολλήστε τις καρδούλες συμμετρικά στο χαρτόνι σας και βάλτε το πίσω στο κάδρο!




Δείτε και σε ;να πολύ σύντομο βίντεο πως το έφτιαξα!!



Τόσο απλά και γρήγορα το καδράκι σας είναι έτοιμο!!!


Παίξτε με τα χρώματα του χαρτονιού ή φτιάξτε με τον ίδιο τρόπο ένα καδράκι με τις ετικέτες λουλούδια για ένα παιδικό δωμάτιο!

I had a great class with my Greek friends!

On February 9th I had an amazing class with new Greek scrapbook afficionados and we had a blast!

I had arranged for a class based on Jenni Bowlin's class we had in Mykonos, for a canvas with paint and lots of fun!!!

And of course we used lots of Cherry nest  products with Greek lingo!!!

This is my happy students and their projects, I am so proud of!!

Next class is on March 5th with lots of Glimmer mist and one chaotic album class to go!!

And my lively friend Marianna Kontoe who showed us the technique of image transfer with Powerprint  which RAWKS!


Happy Valentine’s!

To all the loved onew out there I wish you alwyas be in love and celebrate this day!!!

I am very excited to announce that by Wednesday my new venture will be up and running!!

An E-SHOP with digital downloads for the Greek girls who love to craft and can't find Greek products!!

Here are some of my crafty things for today that I have made with products from Cherry nest!!!!



And thanx to Martha Stewart I created some beautiful sous-verre with napkins! 

Debby Schuh’s awesome class and kit

I had bought an awesome class kit with instructions from Debby Schuh on board at the cruise and I finally sat down and worked on it! It is such an elegant project made with 7Gypsies photo tray, I absolutely loved it!!!

Since then I have ordered 6 trays from 2peas and I am going to run wild!!!! I loooooove them!!!


Bye bye old shabby glasses!!

Bye bye daily routine!!

Bye bye contact lenses that used to be the first and last thing I saw in my daily life!!


I did it!!! I had lazer treatment and got rid of 8.5 degrees of farsight (yeap practically blind without lenses)

The lazer was just 10 minutes but I was so stressed out it felt ages, it took me 4 hours after the operation to relax and they had even given me a calming pill!!!

But I could see from day one like everyother normal person can and it is AWESOME!!!

I would like a moment to thank science for coming up with so easy procedures that make a huge difference to someones life!!!

Now I can:

See my tows when I wake up in the morning

I can hug John first before reaching for my glasses

YES I can open my eyes with no fear when I will be swimming in the sea this summer

I can scratch my eyes whenever I want! (i know it is a weird pleasure, those of you wearing contacts can totally get me)

I can blow dry my hair with open eyes without fear that my lenses will dry out and pop out my eyes!!

I CAN SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye bye to my fellow partners that had been my company and pain the last 19 years…..


Playing with my Tattered Angels Screens

Well, on New Years Day we have in Greece a tradition of making a special cake and hiding in it a coin. Then all the family sits down and shares the cake and whoever gets the piece with the coin is supposed to be the lucky one for the New year!!

So this is the cake I made this Year and can you tell what I have used to decorate it???

My Tattered Angels screens!!! They worked as the perfect stencil for the icing sugar!! Everyone was wowed by the design!! Thanx Wendy Senger!!



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Για όλα τα επίπεδα γνώσεων, από αρχάριο ως και προχωρημένο

Nathalie Kalbach
Καλλιτέχνης και καθηγήτρια μικτών τεχνικών παγκοσμίου φήμης με έδρα της την Γερμανία. Γράφει σε μόνιμη στήλη στο Αμερικάνικο περιοδικό Somerset Memories, και στο Γερμανικό ScrapArtZine. Ανήκει στις δημιουργικές ομάδες των εταιρειών Tattered Angels, Punky Sprouts, Scrapbook Adhesives κα. Ταξιδεύει όλο τον χρόνο για σεμινάρια παγκοσμίως.
Μπορείτε να δείτε δουλειά της στην ιστοσελίδα της


09:00 – 11:30 Σεμινάριο Α

12:00 – 12:45 Δωρεάν Παρουσίαση Powerprint

13:00 – 16:30 Σεμινάριο Β

Κατά την διάρκεια του διαλείμματος των σεμιναρίων σας ενημερώνουμε ότι ο πολυχώρος 8 Δυτικά διαθέτει σε ειδικό χώρο την δυνατότητα αγορά καφε, σνακ και φαγητού.

Περιγραφή Σεμιναρίων

Σεμινάριο Α Free Your Creativity (ελευθερώστε την δημιουργικότητά σας)
διάρκεια 3,5 ώρες
Η Nathalie Kalbach θα σας δείξει πως να δημιουργήσετε έναν μοναδικό καμβά για να διακοσμήσετε το σπίτι σας. Θα χρησιμοποιήσετε προιόντα της εταιρείας Tattered Angels όπως το Glimmer Mist, Glimmer Chalkboard, Glimmer Glam, Glimmer Glaze και πολλά άλλα.Θα μάθετε να δημιουργείτε πολυδιάστατα έργα, να δημιουργείτε διαφορετικές υφές με την χρήση του γκέσο (gesso) και άλλα διασκεδαστικά υλικά, και θα προσθέσετε vintage διακοσμητικά για μια ξεχωριστή πινελιά. Όλες οι τεχνικές που θα μάθετε μπορούν να χρησιμοποιηθούν για την παρασκευή μελλοντικών έργων τέχνης ακόμα και scrapbooking δημιουργίες.
Είναι ένα σεμινάριο για όλους όσους θέλουν να δημιουργούν ξεπερνώντας τα συνηθισμένα και θέλουν να δοκιμάζουν καινούρια πράγματα διασκεδάζοντας! Ελάτε να ελευθερώσετε την δημιουργικότητά σας με την Nathalie.

Σεμινάριο Β Μίνι άλμπουμ
Διάρκεια 3,5 ώρες
Φτιάξτε μαζί με την Nathalie Kalbach ένα άλμπουμ από την αρχή ως το τέλος. Χρησιμοποιώντας μικτές τεχνικές και μια μεγάλη ποικιλία υλικών και χαρτιών μαζί με χρώματα, σπρέι και διακοσμητικές λεπτομέρειες για να κολλήσετε μετά πολύτιμες φωτογραφίες σας ή να το χρησιμοποιήσετε ως σημειωματάριο σκέψεων και συναισθημάτων. Γεμάτο διαφορετικές υφές και παιχνιδίσματα αυτό το αλμπουμ θα αποτελέσει έργο τέχνης για το σπίτι σας. Θα μάθετε πως να δέσετε το άλπουμ και πως να διακοσμήσετε μοναδικά την κάθε του σελίδα με διαφορετικές τεχνικές και κολπάκια. Όλες οι τεχνικές που θα χρησιμοποιηθούν μπορούν έπειτα να χρησιμοποιηθούν από εσάς για την δημιουργία αμέτρητων άλμπουμ καθώς και έργων τέχνης.
Είναι ένα σεμινάριο για όλα τα επίπεδα και για όσους θέλουν να διασκεδάσουν φτιάχνοντας κάτι μοναδικά διαφορετικό μαθαίνοντας τεχνικές που μπορούν να χρησιμοποιηθούν παντού.

Παρουσίαση Powerprint
Διάρκεια 45 λεπτά
Έχετε την δυνατότητα να παρακολουθήσετε μία δωρεάν παρούσια του υλικού Powerprint με την αποκλειστηκή αντιπρόσωπο του προιόντος στην Ελλάδα. Τί είναι το Powerprint? Ένα μοναδικό υλικό μεταφοράς εικόνων σε διάφορες επιφάνειες (image transfer). Το Powerprint έχει την δυνατότητα άψογης μεταφοράς εικόνων σε επιφάνειες όπως χαρτόνι, ύφασμα, καμβά, ξύλο, κεραμικό, μέταλλο και επιφάνειες επεξεργασμένες με Powertex.
Δείτε λοιπόν πως λειτουργεί το Powerprint ζωντανά, και μάθετε για τις δυνατότητες που έχει για να το προσαρμόσετε στις δικές σας τεχνικές και δημιουργία εικαστικών έργων.

Τα υλικά που θα χρειαστείτε περιλαμβάνονται στην τιμή των σεμιναρίων, πέραν κάποιων βασικών εργαλείων (ψαλίδια, κόλλες, κτλ) που καλείστε να φέρετε μαζί σας. Συγκεκριμένη λίστα αυτών των υλικών θα σας δοθεί στις αρχές Μαρτίου.

Κόστος Σεμιναρίων
- Σεμινάριο Α (Free your creativity)     60 ευρώ
- Σεμινάριο Β (Μίνι άλμπουμ)                 60 ευρώ
- Παρουσίαση Powerprint                       Δωρεάν

Προθεσμία Κρατήσεων
Κρατήσεις θέσεων θα γίνονται δεκτές ως και τις 15 Μαρτίου 2011.

Τρόποι Πληρωμής
Απαραίτητη προυπόθεση για την συμμετοχή σας και επιβεβαίωσή της είναι η προπληρωμή των σεμιναρίων με ονομαστική κατάθεση στον τραπεζικ
ό λογαριασμό:
Αlpha Bank 143.002101.122255 όνομα δικαιούχου Κουτσουραδή Ευαγγελία
Και αποστολή του καταθετηρίου και της αίτησης συμμετοχής με φαξ στο 2108954937 ή με email στο

Ακυρώσεις θα γίνονται δεκτές με επιστροφή χρημάτων μέχρι και τις 15 Μαρτίου 2011. Πέραν αυτης της ημερομηνίας δεν θα είναι δυνατή η επιστροφή χρημάτων.


Κατά την διάρκεια των σεμιναρίων θα υπάρχει η δυνατότητα αγοράς υλικών χειροτεχνίας των εταιρειών Cherrynest, Powertex, Σφραγιδομανίας και Enjoy scrapping